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#74 Coriesu | BEATGREED podcast

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...he spent at various art schools from 1997 to 2007. Hungry for further growth and development, Coriesu found himself quickly falling in love with the underground scene in the New York City night clubs. His passion for the music first manifested itself through intricate body movement on the dance floor and now through the mind blowing sounds escaping his studio speakers. Coriesu prides himself on his ability to create original patterns, funky accidentals, and his organic sound application. The journey he creates in his production is original and the vibe unmistakable.

Palmira Rec - BodyParts - MINIM Rec - Kosmophono - Melotherapy - GreenRoom

#73 Vern | BEATGREED podcast

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Bio - Catalin Chifan aka Vern wars born in Romania, Constanta. His passion for music started 10 years ago when he was first introduced to electronic music festivals in Constanta, intially familiar with progressive techno through deep grooves and minimalistic sounds.

His background made him capable to be inspired from a variety of music styles. The appreciation of different grooves managed to develop his abilities as a producer. Catalin’s sounds are considered unique in their essence due to his profound dedication to discover new music patterns helped him to be capable of manipulation of the deepest sounds.

#71 David Gtronic | BEATGREED podcast

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BEATGREED podcast series no. 71 with David Gtronic

Bio // There are many techno producers whose works are devoid of the subtleties that would suggest a wider musical competency and understanding. Then there are those whose grooves are infused with painstakingly produced little details and a sense of wonderment that reaches beyond mere dancefloor functionality. Whether he’s producing thumping techno or downtempo chillout, David Gtronic’s sense of musicality always shines through.
Known for his bass driven, percussive sound but it’s those obscured flourishes of organic elements that colour his sound which really set him apart from the pack. He’s released on labels such as Vatos Locos, Suara, Monique Musique, Kina Music, and Chelsea Hotel Records to name a few, as well as collaborations with Santos, Hector and Leon have found support from the likes of techno deities including Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Dubfire among others.
His podcast series “The Terrace” has grown since launching in August 2008 to reach almost 2,000,000 downloads in total, showcasing his eclectic and carefully-crafted journey-style DJ sets to listeners across the world. The series has become a musical diary for David, not only expressing himself musically but through the artworks he creates for each episode. Whatever he puts his hands to, it’s always imbued with the sense of musical mysticism and contrast between the natural and the artificial that he strives to bring to life.
David relishes the challenge of crafting techno that reveals itself gradually to the careful listener, emotions embossed into his pounding rhythms by way of subtle textures and melodies that lay deep beneath the surface. His mesmerising collaborative mini-album with Dutch producer Lilith, Lagrimas Del Sol from 2013 has demonstrated his prowess in marrying eclectic, traditional sounds to complex dancefloor grooves, with pianos, cellos and much more woven into this fascinating musical tapestry. Constantly evolving, he has from there developed a deeper, more sophisticated sound which is obvious from his recent productions.
Most recently David has been involved with the development of the brand Vatos Locos, with label boss Hector and core members Chad Andrew, Hanfry Martinez, Javier Carballo, Randall M and Sece which has lead to events all over the world and most recently the launch of the Vatos Locos Label.
David’s stock has risen further still, with each release continuing to cement his reputation as one of techno’s more adventurous and musically-minded producers.

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#70 RazV | BEATGREED podcast

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Saleem Razvi has released on many top house labels, but has now turned to find new ways of expression through deep tech/minimal and experimental rhythms. Releasing on Innocent Music, Motek Music, and Unscene Records and already breaking into the Beatport Minimal top 100, he is ready to bring you a brand new take on underground music. He is part owner of Unscene Records and grew up in Dallas, Texas. He first found himself in house music, but found a new muse with creating organic elements and deeper art.

With artist support by:
Halo Varga, Terence, Kisk, Bambounou, David Gtronic, Sidney Charles, The Willers Brothers, Rhadow, Chris Fortier, Chad Andrew, Luciano Esse, Nadja Lind, S.K.A.M./ Swoy, Shaun Reeves, Groovesh,
Radio/ Media support by:
Faze Magazin, DMC World, Bruzz FM,, Hoxton FM, Different Grooves, Ibiza Global Radio, House Nation Radio, Jacks House (Ibiza Sonica)

#69 Unisson | BEATGREED podcast

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Sc: @unissonro

Unisson is a DJ & production project from Bucharest being active in the Romanian scene for quite a while. They strive to create and play tracks that move the body and engages the soul, the dancefloor being a sacred place for the two. Unisson have inspired people at numerous parties with a blend of both old and new styles, ranging fluently from micro-house, breaks, techno, house and everything in between.

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Young talented romanian artist (producer/dj) Stefan Rotaru alias Hippnotik mixed this great exclusive weekly podcast for beatgreed. He already has several releases on in underground scene well known labels Tzinah Recordings, Vandalism Musique, Vivus Rec, Welter Records, Blumea, Arupa Music - be prepared what comes next!

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#67 Raz:Van | BEATGREED podcast

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Raz:van - two young producer & dj from Germany. They digs down on the subgenres of micro house and minimal techno with influences of artists such as Petre Inspirescu, Sepp, Praslesh, Vid, Ricardo Villalobos and many others. Obsessed by the unique romanian sounds, and that's the reason they are producing and playing only micro house and "romanian techno" tracks. | Labels: Ensis Black, Kootz Music, Raw Level Records

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Silat Beksi _ In the endless sea of producers and selectors, only a few leave a lasting impression. They are the niche artists, individuals that push sonic boundaries into new territory with skill, and purpose. Over the last 5 years Silat Beksi has made quite the impression on minimal music lovers across the globe by doing just that. Utilising his own unique combination of rhythms & special imprinted textures to craft emotive and energetically charged pieces of music. This was recognized early on with labels like Romania’s Tzinah Records, Moscow’s Body Parts and Ukranian imprint Mulen Records offering him a platform through which to release and refine his musical style. In 2014 this culminated in the release of Silat's first full length album, with ten wondrously diverse minimalist cuts seeing a digital release on Mulen. Having achieved this milestone, the talented producer dedicated himself to the perfection of his craft with a renewed determination, going vinyl only and launching his own imprint Modeight Records in 2016.

Fast forward to the present and Silat Beksi has amassed an enviable body of 12” releases on his journey so far. Cementing himself as one of the most inform talents in Europes underground scene with releases on labels like Germany’s almighty Pleasure Zone, Welsh imprint Dreams Are Not Inside, What You Want, Vivus Records and of course his own imprint Modeight. His sound continues to morph and develop, defying classification with it's heady combination of techno’s rhythmic sensibility, breakbeat influence and warm atmospheric textures that hypnotise and excite.

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Labels: 324 Records - Tzinah - MyFirstLove - Unscene Rec - Subtatic Ldn - PlayGroove - Innocent Music - Early Morning Music - Baile Musik - Related - Whoystro - Zeitlos - deepf:act


German born, Frankfurt based dj/producer Nici Frida. In the age of 15 Nici Frida has begun to experiment and produce his own beats on the computer with his first music software of propellerhead reason. His first release ''streets'' published on a various artist album in 2013. Now he has published releases on serval label around the globe. In addition to his great passion, to collecting & mixing deep/tech house records, he started in the age 18, to mix every weekend vinyl in a small scene bar at the city in frankfurt germany. For now he get a few times big support by Music On founder Marco Carola. Who already dropped sounds by Nici at venues like amnezia ibiza, il muretto jesolo, sunwaves festival, studio 338 etc He is founder of BEATGREED and deepf:act which takes place in different clubs and manage talented artists which already released on their label.

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Our mission: Deep, Dubby Techno, Minimal.
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All about sharing music, connecting people and the love to the underground!

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